by Dean Savović | 12:21 am

SQL Server Management Studio 17.0 is out. Download it and check it out. It officially supports SQL Server 2008 – 2017 (Linux version included).
Here are the most important improvements:

  • Over 100 connect issues fixed
  • SQL Server PowerShell module moved out of SSMS and into the PowerShell gallery
  • Icons updated to support high-DPI display modes
  • Numerous performance improvements in Object Explorer
  • WSUS support for upgrading to future 17.X versions
  • Improved Multi-factor authentication support
  • Enhancements to Availability Group functionality (Support for SQL Server on Linux, direct seeding, endpoint URL handling, and more)
  • Showplan enhancements including new feature to analyze actual existing showplan to help diagnose issues
  • SQL Server Analysis Server 1400 support
  • New DAX Query Windows
  • Numerous other enhancements for Power Query support



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